Thank you for your interest in Navvy!

Navvy is a flexible, diagnostic assessment system for grades 3 through high school English and math. Navvy provides on-demand assessments that are given throughout the school year as determined by the school districts. Navvy is designed to give detailed feedback about students' understandings of specific standards, or learning targets, by using novel data science advanced through Dr. Laine Bradshaw's research at the University of Georgia. Results are provided in real-time, so the diagnostic feedback can be used immediately by teachers to tailor instruction towards students' individualized needs. Navvy allows students multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of each standard. With flexible administration, real-time diagnostic feedback, and multiple opportunities to succeed, Navvy is an integral tool for teaching and learning that helps provide a personalized education for every student. With recent federal approval, Navvy results can be summarized and reported at the end of the school year which allows districts to avoid taking a separate state exam. Thus, schools can focus all 180 school days on teaching and learning, using Navvy for feedback to guide instruction along the way.

Navvy Education, LLC was founded by Dr. Laine Bradshaw, Associate Professor of Quantitative Methodology at the University of Georgia. The design and methods of Navvy are research-based and are detailed in Dr. Bradshaw's peer-reviewed and published research. Navvy Education collaborates closely with a network of top educators across the state who author Navvy's assessment questions and with leaders of the 18 districts in the Navvy Consortium who use Navvy and contribute to its design.

Please email Dr. Laine Bradshaw ( for more information about how your school district can join the Navvy Consortium today!