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Personalized Learning Solution
Personalized Learning Solution
Hear from our educators who are NAVVY-gating their students' journeys to success!
Benefits for Schools
Improved Student Achievement

“I used Navvy consistently throughout the year. I used the results to guide my instruction in terms of Tier 2 groups to give me the information I needed about what standards they knew. I really bought into Navvy and used it a lot in my classroom to give me feedback about if my students were truly mastering the standards. In the end, my students were very successful on Milestones. I feel like because of Navvy I saw the results on Milestones that I did. In the end, my students had the highest scores in Northwest Georgia on Milestones (the state assessment). And I feel like it was because I was constantly looking at those standards and making sure my students had mastered the standards in Navvy.”

– 3rd Grade Math Teacher
Navvy Guiding Personalized Learning

“The difference with Navvy is to be able to know exactly what standard is it that my student is struggling on. And that’s going to allow me the opportunity to differentiate for that kid based on what they know and don’t know.”

“Navvy has really been a gamechanger for us. We were able to take our Navvy data and students who did not master at that first attempt and know where we should remediate them. Getting the information based on depth of knowledge was critical.”

– District Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator
Informing Classroom Instruction and Helping Students Learn

“I absolutely feel that Navvy helped support our student learning. It helped us isolate student needs much more time efficiently and effectively than we were able to do previously. It helped design some of our flexible groupings, so that students could get what they need out of instruction on a daily basis.”

– District-Level Academic Coach
Benefits of Real-time, Standards-level Data

“We get a lot of data on our students. We just don’t get it at the right time or when we can act on it. So the possibilities of having real actionable data that my teachers could work on almost immediately in the classroom is something we’ve never had before. I don’t know any other assessment out there that gives you this type of [standards-level] data.”

– District Assistant Superintendent
Rising to the Rigor: New Level of Learning

“This is our third year using Navvy, and this year we are seeing such a big, positive change in our students and our teachers. At first, Navvy assessments seemed so challenging. But we stuck with implementing Navvy because we know the standards themselves are challenging. Now, teachers are understanding how to teach the standards better, and students are performing so much better this year than last year. We believe Navvy has helped elevate our teachers to a new level of teaching the standards and elevate our students to a new level of learning the standards.”

– District Elementary Academic Coach
New Kind of Data for Teachers and Schools

“Thanks again for everything that you are doing to change the face of assessment in our state. Navvy provides teachers with detailed, actionable data that pinpoints the strengths and struggles of their students. There is NO comparison between the type of data and QUALITY of items that Navvy provides and other systems.”

– District Math Specialist
Positive, Healthy School Environments Supported by Assessment for Learning
Teachers Appreciative of Navvy Flexibility

“I think it is absolutely fabulous that I can choose when students get to take the Navvy. It just gives me flexibility in the classroom and gives students flexibility. It also gives me a chance to give them some remediation for those students who need the remediation… and allow them to try again.”

– 10th Grade Math Teacher
Teachers Appreciative of Useful Tool

“The teachers came to me and said, ‘You just gave us this great tool that helped me understand where my students were in their understanding of the standards I am teaching them.’”

– District Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator
Positive Interactions with Parents

“Our parents loved that fact that our kids had three chances, not just one, to master the standard. It also let them know specifically where they need to work at home, to know exactly what standard they needed to work on. They could see not just that their child was having problems in 4th grade fractions, but where in 4th grade fractions they were having problems, were they having problems comparing fractions, or simplifying or making those fractions equivalent. So, it truly allowed parents to know where the learning gap was so they could use that to inform where they could help at home.”

– Elementary Principal
Building Confidence in Typically Lower Performing Students by Recognizing Successes

“The students who feel like they are not good at Mathematics, when they are passing the Navvy, they get excited. They are saying Wow. Maybe for the first time in their life they are passing some assessment on a specific standard. And they get excited about it; maybe for the first time in their math career. Which is a good thing. And it’s not that Navvy is an easy assessment. It is pretty rigorous. So, it is a great confidence builder for students.”

– 9th Grade Mathematics Teacher
Boosting Student Self Esteem with Multiple Opportunities to Learn and Show What You Know

“I think it is great that they get to take it more than one time. With most standardized tests it is one and done and there is not a sense of accomplishment for a lot of kids that way. But if they can go back and do it again and correct the mistakes they made before, it really boosts their self-esteem.”

– 3rd Grade Teacher
Reducing Student Test Anxiety

“One thing I find helpful about Navvy is they can try three times. Especially for some of my lower students we can work on it and not feel so pressured. Like at the end with standardized tests, they get one shot and that’s it. With Navvy they get those three chances and I think it takes the pressure off of some of them. And I like knowing throughout the year what standards we need to focus more time on instead of having to wait until the end of the year.”

– 10th Grade Math Teacher
Healthy Cognitive Development
Motivating Student Learning by Recognizing Successes

“When students [show competency in Navvy on a standard], they are like, ‘Yes, I can do that!’ Then they’ve told me, ‘I was able to pass that Navvy today. I know how to solve a linear equation, or I know how to graph this now.’ I think it boosts their confidence and gives them the opportunity to feel successful. Giving them that small little, ‘I’m successful in that’ just boosts their confidence and to me it makes them work harder.”

– 9th Grade Math Teacher
Building Student Ownership of Learning

“I believe Navvy has impacted my students on their awareness of what they are learning. I think it has helped them have more self-awareness of what they are learning and what they are being tested on…and more aware of their progress.”

“The students like the program and they love that they can self-assess and that they can see right when they are finished if they have mastered the standard or not. They love being able to pull out their portfolio and say if they have mastered a standard or not.”

- 3rd Grade Math Teacher
Healthy Student Mindset to Persevere with Challenging Assessments Aligned to Standards

“Our student had various reactions to Navvy assessments. In the beginning they were like ‘Oh man this is hard’. They didn’t really elaborate. It was just Navvy questions were not the normal type questions they see on assessments. But then as they got used to it and figured out what was expected and knew they had three chances, they got bought in. The way we sold it as administration and faculty shared with kids, ‘Look you may not get it the first time, but you can try a second time. Or keeping working and try a third time.’ Then they started to buy in. And then the fact that it was more rigorous didn’t scare them as badly once they realized they had more chances.”

– Elementary Principal
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